Monday, July 4, 2011

Spiritual Development with Monvee

I have to admit that I am a computer guy.  I like all things flashy and techy.   My wife makes fun of me by saying that my phone is glued to my hand.  At the same time I have been looking for a way to combine techy with spiritual development and I believe that I have found the solution in  Monvee helps you to understand first of all understand how you learn, then what you pathway to connection with God is and final your personality type.  It does this through a serious of questions and graph plots.  After you have done it, I can attest that it is very good at its intuitiveness about me based on the questions answered.  Once you complete this assessment then it helps you be creating a roadmap based on four areas to help you in your spiritual growth. 

  •  My Mind:  Resources for your mind based on books, podcasts, and videos.
  •  My Time:  Ways to spend your time to grow.
  •  My Relationships:  Small groups, accountability partners, mentors etc.
  •  My Experiences:  Serving in Church, Missions, Sharing your faith etc.

Once you complete this, then you are provided targeted resources for each area to help you grow.  When you have picked your items, it then creates a dashboard for you to keep track of your progress.  The dashboard also provides resources for with Bible passages, free monthly downloads, daily post and articles.  Monvee also gives you a print out that you can use for your targeted items.  I highly recommend this program for anyone who is looking for a way to develop spiritually.

What things help you to grow spiritually?

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