Friday, July 8, 2011

Relationships/How to be a Christian at work

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I have noticed as I spend more time talking to people in the workplace who are Christians that they have a difficult time feeling like they can be who they are in all that they do. They feel weird trying to witness to people and feel like they should not be trying to convert people during work hours. I can understand their fear and apprehension. It can often be seen as a conflict of interest to do such things and it can make people feel uncomfortable. As I was thinking about this though, I realized that this is not how Jesus approached things. Jesus did not have some tract that he read nor did he feel compelled to share some testimony about when he was saved. Instead Jesus just engaged people as they were, where they were and in the context of their work. He did not say that if you do not accept me now you will burn in hell forever. He talked to people. He loved them no matter who they were. And Jesus provided the example of how to be a Christian in the midst of what he did which was teach. I think that sometimes we forget that Jesus was a Rabbi or teacher, that what he did first was teach people and his disciples and in the midst of teaching, he did things to save people not by some grand tract or story, but in the midst of his day by his actions. So what does this mean for us? I think as I reflect on this that there are a few take-a-ways that I have gleaned from Jesus' encounters with others.
1. When we are at work the way we act is more of a witness to people than the words or tracts that we say.
2. Being like Jesus means that we love and care for all of our coworkers regardless of their beliefs or views and we care for them in the context of their lives and not ours.
3. You can witness to people in the work that you do. Each interaction you have whether it is with coworkers or customers can show someone the truth of Jesus Christ in your life.
What are some things you do to live out your faith in the work that you do?

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